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Hi, I'm Jade

I'm a UK based Graphic Designer & Illustrator with a first-class Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Science degree. I work on projects anywhere on the scale from graphic design to science communications.

Over the past 15 years I have lent my skills to science communication, email campaigns, web design, apparel, branding, animation, social, fonts, volunteering projects, web and print graphics.


I have worked on the content creation, design, illustration and copy for scientific posters, blogs, laboratory reports and presentations. I have 3 years of scientific writing experience for science professionals and lay audiences.

In 2014, I founded Design Surplus, a graphic design resource store in which I design and sell fonts, editable mockups and Photoshop products. With over 9000 sales my passion project has become a fully fledged side business.


Brand development and logo design

Email design, HTML and content

Print design

Web design


Apparel design

Science illustration, design, copy



Missing People

BBH London


HIV Positive Society

Farm Sanctuary

Surfers Against Sewage

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